Cloud Computing

The emergence of cloud services has changed the conditions in the digital landscape. The services are both efficient and flexible, and can offer good solutions and opportunities for both smaller companies and larger and global companies.

The benefits of cloud services are many, but the technology is far from risk-free. In order for companies to get the maximum benefit from cloud services, and at the same time minimize the risks with them, clear strategies and impact assessments are required. In the transition from traditional to modern IT environments, the focus is often on moving to the cloud. At least as important is to understand how to move from the cloud, or between different cloud providers. A cloud solution should preferably be disconnected from locking techniques or dependent on a specific provider.

Cloud solutions built for changing requirements and flexibility to face the future are what Lynos's consultants are experts at.

Hybrid Cloud

Developers need resources quickly to get started on the next big idea. Operations must maintain security and reliability in their IT infrastructure. Together, hybrid clouds, multicloud, Container and Kubernetes technologies provide the agility and stability needed to deliver services faster.

We work with all major cloud providers in the market, and have in-depth collaborations with AWS, and Google. In addition to the giants, we also work with several local players in the market. In addition to public clouds, we also work with private cloud solutions and set up platforms with OpenStack.

Ansible, Terraform, Juju and CloudForms are some of the solutions and tools we work with.