Infrastructure as Code (IaC) can simply be described as a workflow where a user can start an application without any knowledge of the underlying infrastructure. All the steps that need to be done to start a server, get network and storage, are predefined in a configuration file. The benefits can be many, increased development rate with faster commissioning, better safety and fewer manual mistakes.

Lynos's IaC and automation consultants can ensure an environment built with the latest tools, tailored to your unique requirements. Our deep competence and experience help our customers realize the benefits of IaC, especially in larger or more complex environments. Lynos can advantageously support from the start with architecture and design, implementation, training and handover.

With Infrastructure as Code you have an IT environment that is used through configuration files. Starting an application requires no transparency or knowledge of your infrastructure such as network, server or storage. A developer or application owner can test and start applications in production on their own through these configuration files.

With Infrastructure as Code you can thus abstract away the underlying infrastructure, reduce the time for commissioning, minimize manual mistakes, manage versions and track who did what and at the same time reduce their costs.